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Our goal here at Virtual Prize Wheel is to help you more easily motivate your employees, students, or kids. Who wouldn't like a spin on a prize wheel?

With the convenience of having the prize wheel online your users have the benefit of being able to spin the prize wheel from any computer with an internet connection, anywhere and at any time. No more having to haul around a 5 foot piece of equipment with you every time you want to praise someone for a job well done or have them take time out of their busy day to come to you to take their spin.

The convenience of this online prize wheel really benefits employers that would love to praise individuals in other departments, other locations, or even other states. Teachers can motivate their students and Parents can motivate their children.

Let our virtual Design Consultants help you design a Virtual Prize Wheel that will meet all of your needs.


Through our user friendly administrator section, our Virtual Prize Wheel allows you to customize the prizes and value of the prizes from any computer with an internet connection at anytime. Each slot on the wheel is given a ratio value, this means you can offer a high value prize and give it a lower chance of landing, the ratios will be determined by you with our Design Consultants.

You also have the option of entering in coupons or some type of secure code to pass along to your deserving user to use for their spin on the prize wheel. Once the wheel lands on a prize you have the option of it automatically generating an email to an email address specified by you as the administrator with the users name and winning prize. You deliver/mail the prize, it's that simple!

We provide complete training and design consultation on every Virtual Prize Wheel contract! We want you to get the most out of your wheel!

Take a look at our different packages and pricing options in our Services area.
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